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Rhinoplasty operation is the most frequently performed plastic surgery today. The aim is to create an aesthetic appearance suitable for the face, as well as to correct breathing problems.

Our patients are photographed before the operation, face analysis is performed with the help of photoshop application, and expectations are evaluated. Providing detailed information and mutual agreement is an important step both for the success of the operation and for the satisfaction of our patients.

In rhinoplasty, it is essential to make a nose suitable for the face, and these rates differ for each patient. Since the flatness in the forehead area or the smallness of the chin will make the nose appear larger than it is, complementary applications are made by explaining that additional applications such as filling application should be applied to these areas when necessary.

Another important point is skin quality and thickness. Especially in patients with thick skin, it is explained to our patients that it is necessary to shape the nose instead of shrinking it, and that it will take 6-12 months for the skin to heal and the nose lines to become clear, therefore it is necessary to be patient for the result.

Operations are carried out by both methods, planned according to the operations to be performed, open and closed techniques. Various surgical equipment and devices are available for taking the nasal arch and shaping the nasal bone. Microsaw and tour devices, which are newly used today, are also used in shaping the bone in nasal aesthetic operations in our clinic. Thanks to these devices, swelling and bruises on the face are minimized and the healing process is faster. With the use of air-channeled silicone splint after the operation, no nasal congestion is experienced and the recovery period is spent comfortably. There is no pain during the removal of the silicone splint.

Our patients are discharged after staying at the hospital for one night and they can return to their daily lives after the nose plaster is removed on the 6th or 7th day.

After a successful rhinoplasty operation, you will feel better psychologically, breathe better and your self-confidence will increase.


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