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With increasing age, the facial bone structure collapses and the fat and connective tissue decrease, resulting in a loss of volume in our face. Wrinkles, sagging and folds begin to form on the skin. These sagging and folds make the face look old. Today, these formations can be corrected with fillings compatible with human connective tissue.

The most widely used fillers are FDA-approved, non-animal, human connective tissue compatible and highly reliable hyaluronic acid fillers. Since hyaluronic acid is also found in the human connective tissue structure, it does not cause an allergic reaction. It provides volume increase by providing water retention in the applied area, thus reducing wrinkles and eliminating volume loss.

Filling applications are frequently used to increase lip volume and create contours, to remove sagging and bruises under the eyes, to define cheeks and chin, to correct low nasal tip and nasal arch (for limited corrections).

After choosing the type of filling suitable for the area to be applied in the filling application, local anesthetic creams are used to ensure that pain is not felt before the application. The procedure is done with special needles or cannulas. The processing time is on average 10-20 minutes. The effect is immediate and the result is long lasting. Correction of wrinkles with filler creates great differences in the appearance of the face, providing a much younger and more dynamic appearance. The fillings differ according to the chosen filling type and the applied area, and their permanence is 6-24 months.


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